Evaporating ideas


As a developer, it can be difficult to stay on one project for very long. I’m always having to move from one project to the next, so some of my ideas end up getting forgotten for long periods of time. If I’m extremely unfortunate, those ideas die with the hard drive to which they were written. Here’s a few ideas that I’ve turned into half-baked abandon-ware:

  • Zoom editor
    • The idea is to produce a source-code editor that can deal with the rigors of C++, multiple files, a header file for each implementation file, and telling the compiler to do its thing. It should do so in a visually appealing manner.
    • Progress: It’s usable, but isn’t friendly. It was originally prototyped in Processing.org for the graphical elements, and then ported to wxWidgets.
    • This project is something I would use on a daily basis, if I could ever get it done.
    • Xcode is actually a pretty decent tool, and I’ve gotten the hang of it, but my editor has a novel 3D interface and is better at dealing with large source files.
  • Audio editor customization
    • Traffic on Demand would love to do things All Linux, but until I can make an audio editor that works in the same manner as Cool Edit 2.0, it’s more of a pipe dream.
    • mhWaveEdit is the project I had decided to extend, I think was its name.
    • Audacity kinda sucks compared to Cool Edit in regard to its audio processing capabilities. Yeah, I could extend it, but Audacity is geared more towards editing multiple files, whereas I only want to have one file open at once.
  • Text-mode audio editor
    • More of a proof-of-concept than anything else
    • Helped me get my feet wet with open source audio processing libraries
    • I can’t remember if I used nCurses or not… but I did use libsndfile
  • A few websites that I lost motivation on, or haven’t structurally changed in aeons

Oddly enough, I picked up a project today that I had not touched in… 3 years?… Anyway, it is a simple utility that updates a music log on a radio station’s website, geared towards BSI automation systems. Amazingly, I changed a few lines of code, compiled it, backed up the old exe, put in the new one, and it Just Worked. That was a pretty good feeling, knowing that although antiquated, it still gets the job done effectively. It certainly brought back memories though, of tought processes that I had back then as a developer, and it shows in the source code. LCC-Win32 is a very lightweight development platform, but allow you to write pretty code it does not, as any Win32API developer knows.

Another idea that I had a few years back has been rendered obsolete: automatic searching of a jingle within an audio file, and cutting everything after it. That would have saved me about an hour per week, but ultimately I did not have enough motivation to get it done, and the audio program ended up getting dropped anyway.

New idea: nah…

Oh, here’s some screen-shots from ZoomSrc:

zoomsrc-1 zoomsrc-2

and this is a.out:



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