Working on my résumé


I got really tired of dealing with Perl on Mac, and I feel as though it has outlived its usefulness. I used to appreciate it a lot because of its intrinsic regular-expression abilities. It seems as though every time I go to execute one of my Perl scripts, it complains about not finding some basic library like IO::Compress, at which point I’m forced to modify my hash-bang to point to a different Perl install in hopes that it will magically work which of course it doesn’t, at which point I dive into CPAN hell.

Python seems pretty straight forward, and it’s easier to type. I’ll admin, I’m uneasy about trading Perl’s curly-braced structure for Python’s white-spaced structure, but I’ll get used to that (again… thanks, VB). I’m working on a program to help me generate résumés. I figure as a programmer, my best expression comes from being able to design programmatically. I’m using ReportLab and considering YAML. XML is painful, ok? It’s painful. There, I said it. It’s painful to type, and increases payload sizes considerably. And I’m certainly not going to design my document generation techniques around something that is painful to type.

Oh and hey about the Conficker virus: I haven’t encountered any problems, so thanks again to the media for causing an uproar.


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