Some Python recently


Python is very usable, and I find it easier to write in than any other language. It has natural additions that make list processing easy, hash creation straightforward, and nesting of structures second-nature. I’ve been implementing a system to translate from English to Russian. I decided to move from Prolog because it kept making my life harder when I wanted to do very simple things, and plus my professor has been through the rigors of Prolog himself and ended up reimplementing in C++.

In other news, I’ve hacked my way into Dictionary.app and installed some English-Russian and other natural-language-oriented dictionaries. I did that using these instructions.
This map of languages is pretty awesome, and I’m using this Russian grammar tutorial as my main source for programming my Python system.

My desktop computer BSOD’d last night for some reason. I did some investigating, and I think my OS simply doesn’t appreciate its default sound device being reset so many times; I don’t keep my Firepod on when I’m not using it because it generates heat.

  • Running out of space on my C: drive to which I attribute having installed Red Alert 3 since it takes 7 GB for all the expanded movie data
    • I worked around this by moving the entire Data folder to a place on my terabyte drive and used Junction.exe to create a symbolic link. Seems to work just fine.
  • Deleting a few other things and moving several more, I got my drive down to a very defragmentable 42% free, and proceeded to defrag.
  • My pagefile was split into about 30 different fragments.
    • I remedied this by deactivating it and activating one of the same size on my E: drive. Defrag success!

I’m a firm believer that even on Windows systems, there should be multiple partitions in place. A user who stores their personal data on the same partition that the operating system resides is living dangerously. I’m also not a fan of OS-dependent logical volume management. My big deal with data is that I should do as little as possible to increase the probability of data loss.

In this same vein, I avoid defragmenting until I notice a performance hit, and generally keep a bare minimum of 10% disk space at all time. My favorite tool for disk usage management is SequoiaView – an oldie but goodie.

Finally, beware of the following bash utterance:
:(){ :|:& };:


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