Windows 7 RC


Things I like about Windows 7 include the fact that it tends to load applications and websites quickly, and that it continues to support XP applications.

What I hate about Windows 7 the fact that for music production, it’s horrible. And honestly, the main reason I would consider purchasing Windows 7 is to get more out of my PC’s music making ability. What’s so horrible about it you ask? ASIO inefficiency!

I posted a frank complaint about this inefficiency in detail on Microsoft’s official QnA forum regarding 7 RC, linked here. Basically I have to double my soundcard’s latency in order to get the same reliability. In XP Pro 32-bit, I can easily run 4ms latency on my Firepod without stuttering, although the more samples I load, the harder it has to try to push audio to the device because of memory constraints, soon to be addressed by a 4GB memory upgrade but I digress… In Windows 7 x64, I have to set my latency to 8ms just for it to eek out a sound without stuttering. And what’s worse, is that the CPU idles between 30% and 50%, sometimes even peaking at 70%, when Ableton isn’t even playing anything back! On XP Pro, it typically idles between 2% and 5%. Clearly, something is wrong with this picture. I achieved the same results between Ableton Live 7 and 8 running on Windows 7 x64.

Do I want a shiny new OS that can run Ableton Live on a PC? Yes, yes in fact I do. Would I be willing to pay Microsoft for it? Yeah, I’d do that. Is Windows 7 such an OS? It sure doesn’t seem to be!

I’ll report back when I’ve upgraded my ram from 2GB @800MHz CAS-4 to 4GB @ (hopefully) 1066MHz CAS-5.


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